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Foot Orthosis


Foot Orthosis

Foot orthotics are devices that are designed to fit inside shoes to assist in proper foot function. Orthotic devices are manufactured from impressions made by the contour and alignment of the foot, then modified to compensate for abnormalities.Orthotic devices are manufactured for a variety of foot conditions. They are used by people of all ages and lifestyles.

How many people suffer from foot disorders?
Approximately 19 percent of American citizens seek treatment for foot problems each year.

Who needs Foot Orthosis?
For children, orthotics are used to correct gait abnormalities, or to treat knee and hip problems. They are designed for the special needs of a lower extremity that is still capable of remodeling to some extent.

Athletes and Active People

Custom-manufactured orthotics are designed around specific sports and activities to reduce strain and increase performance. The reasons for using these orthotics include correction of foot deformities, resistance to extreme force, shock absorption and immobilization of certain joints.

Orthotics cover a variety of treatments for older adults, ranging from modest control and more cushioning to softer accommodations that provide even weight distribution. Orthotics are also used by older adults to accommodate arthritic or diseased areas of the foot.

How long does it take to make Foot Orthotics?
it takes aprox 20-30 minutes for foot/ankle examination and 20-40 minutes to allow the plaster to harden ( factors that can effect time: number of layers and humidity)

Can running be hard on my feet?
Yes, without proper footwear and exercise, running can cause undue strain and potentially damage your feet.

Why is running so different from walking?
At times when you are walking, the pressure you apply to your feet can exceed your body weight. When you are running, you can apply as much as three to four times the pressure of your body weight.

What kind of exercise can you recommend for my feet?
Walking is the all-around best exercise for feet. It improves circulation and helps to keep weight under control. 

Can foot problems be symptoms of other medical problems?
Not always, but there are times when a foot problem can be an early sign of a more serious disorder. Diabetes, arthritis, nervous and circulatory ailments can cause symptoms in the feet.

 Is it normal for feet to hurt?
No, it is a common misconception that feet are supposed to hurt. Persons with frequent or continuous foot pain should seek medical treatment from a foot care professional.  

What type of physician do most people see for their foot ailments?Podiatrists are the most frequently visited physicians for foot care problems. Orthopedic physicians and Chiropractic physicians are among the other health care professionals who provide foot care.

At what age do most people typically seek medical attention for their feet?
People of all ages seek foot care treatment for a variety of reasons. However, as people age and the wear and tear on their feet increase, they are more prone for injury. 

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