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chiropractic medicine


chiropractic medicine

Chiropractic Physician or a Chiropractor is a Doctor that has a D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) license. A chiropractor is a Physician that focuses on the structure and function of the NeuroMuscloSkelaton system; this system includesthe muscles, bones, joints and nerves; particularly the spine. A Chiropractor is especially helpful for conditions that are mechanical in nature; and symptoms of Stiff painful joints and tight sore muscles.

What type of education does a chiropractic physician have?
In order to be a licensed Chiropractor (D.C.) one must have at least 3 years of undergrad education, which include specific pre-med courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, etc’ (some Chiropractic schools require a Bachelor degree as a prerequisiteto enter their program). The Chiropractic program takes 4 years which includes: Basic sciences, Clinical Internship and some schools even offer full Hospital Rotations. The academic program in the chiropractic schools is similar to medical schools. The main difference is that chiropractic students spend less time learning pharmacology and invasive techniques, and more time focusing on physical medicine and conservative procedures. a chiropractic student, as his counterpart in medical school, receives hours upon hours of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology, Radiology, Physical Exam, Orthopedics,  Microbiology, Diagnostic Procedures, etc. In order to be a licensed Physician; the chiropractic student must pass 3 board exams and a final national practical license exam (Part 4).

What does a chiropractic treatment include and How long does an appointment take?
The Chiropractic treatment includes an exam (an initial exam takes more time then a regular visit exam) a chiropractic treatment (if indicated) and/or a physio treatment (if indicated). The initial consultation and treatment usually take about an hour. Regular visits can vary from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. For information regarding Foot Orthoses please go to the FAQ section, Foot Orthoses. In general the length of treatment time depends on the type on injuries and the severity. An acute condition of Low back pain usually requires 6-12 visits (assuming there are no complicating factors)

What types of conditions does a chiropractic physician treat?
Chiropractors are known to treat Back and Neck pain. in addition to those conditions, different studies show that chiropractic care can also help patients with the following conditions: Headaches, shoulder problems, Entrapment problems, such as Carpal tunnel syndrome and other sport related injuries. For additional conditions please look at services we provide

Is it true that chiropractors can cure Asthma?
Some Chiropractors state that they can cure Asthma and other types of internal conditions, their claims are Dangerous and misleading. Although some patients show great improvement from different conditions after a chiropractic treatment, in order to claim that chiropractic treatment can have an effect on any condition, there should be a study that was conducted with a reasonable amount of patients and with acceptable results that can be repeated by others. Unfortunately, a lot of Chiropractors take an Individual case that they encounter and claim that this case is a proof that chiropractors can treat this or that. to date there is good evidence that chiropractic care can help different NeuroMuscloSkelaton conditions. It is possible to conduct a trail treatment for certain conditions, with the understanding that results may very and nothing is guaranteed.

What is an Adjustment?
Adjustment is a general term for all treatments that a Chiropractic Physician provides. The most common procedure is spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation is a treatment done to the joints; this procedure is usually consist of a fast, non painful, specific thrust  to a joint. In some cases an audible sound will be sound; this sound is due to gas shift at the joint capsule. This physical effect is the same as when you open a soda can; the fast change in pressure releases gases that make noise.

Is chiropractic treatment safe?
A well delivered Adjustment usually never causes pain ; and most patients actually feel a great relief afterwards. In some cases, since most Chiropractic treatment is used with other physical treatments, some patients report soreness at the area of treatment (The soreness usually does not exceed 24 hours) that disappears gradually and a comfort sensation is then felt. Most studies show that spinal manipulation is very safe. The risk of any type of injury as a result of manipulation is minimal. Especially when it is compared to all other Back and Neck treatments. In order to minimize and prevent injury, a manipulation should be done only by a licensed Chiropractor.

Does chiropractic treatment require an X-ray?
NO. In some cases the doctor will decide to take/send for an x-ray in order to reach a diagnosis. This decision is made on individual basis and follows agreed Radiological guidelines.

Does a chiropractic physician treat pregnant women?
currently there are some studies that show that chiropractic treatment to the low/mid back is beneficial for pregnant women. Moreover due to the fact that pregnant women can not take most of pain medication and are limited with diagnostic procedures such as x-ray. Dr. Amidror will examine and evaluate you to see if a chiropractic treatment would be beneficial for you.

Do I need to continue visit the chiropractor even after my current condition has been solved?
NO. Some Chiropractors will try to convince you to have a continue maintenance treatment. To date there is no proof that chiropractic treatment with no-end helps or prevents diseases. Our goal is to allow you to get back to your everyday life. The Chiropractic treatment has two components: the first one we do, and the other part the patient is responsible for. The patient’s part includes therapeutic exercise, agronomic changes and life style changes. All of those have one goal in mind to allow the patient to return to normal life and to prevent recurrence.

Do chiropractic physicians treat kids?
some studies show that Chiropractic care can help kids with low back pain, headaches and other conditions* (*As stated above: all other conditions aside from NeuroMuscloSkelaton, are lacking research and most results are based on doctors, individual results. A Chiropractor can not claim that he can cure these conditions; however, he can attest that he had some sucsses dealing with a spesific condition) modified Chiropractic treatment could be helpful for kids for the above conditions, and as described before it is considered very safe.
Important information:Chiropractic care DOES NOT replace routine visits at the Pediatric Doctor. Chiropractic care DOES NOT replace scheduled vaccination done by the Pediatric Doctor. Moreover, As a Chiropractic Physician I truly believe that all Children should be Vaccinated, in order to protect themselves and their family.Chiropractic care DOES NOT replace Antibiotic treatment if it was proscribed by your pediatrician.
And finally, Chiropractors CAN NOT change or stop Adolescent Scoliosis. What a Chiropractic Physician can do is What all other Physician do: stretch different muscles to allow better movement and flexibility ,and most important, monitor spine changes and refer if needed. In addition, a Chiropractor can perform spinal manipulation to decrease joint pain; and Not to change or stop the curve as some chiropractors claim. 

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