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What is chronic pain?
effect the patient’s life, work ,sleep relationship and can lead to depression and anxietyChronic pain is considered long lasting pain due to a problem that cant  be easily treated or cant be cured. in some cases the pain generator is not clear and/or the pain pattern is abnormal. chronic pain is a serious problem since it 

Why do I feel the pain?
movement that the body will do it also releases endorphins to reduce the pain. After the stimuli stops the "pain gates" close and the pain stops.” In chronic pain the general procedure is the same the only different is that the "pain gates” never close since the stimuli is still there or the it is not in a clear location. so the body still sends pain signals which the brain interprets as constant painChronic pain is due to chronic pain stimulation from the nerves system. In acute pain the source of the pain is clear, the pain travels through the nerves and go up  the spinal cord. at the spinal cord " chemical pain gates” open which signal the brain to act to avoid the pain; in addition to physical 

Can a Chiropractor help?
Yes. Their are several Doctors that deal with chronic pain:
1 Chiropractors- a Doctor that deals with muscles, bones, joint and nerves. a chiropractor gives conservative care  and does not prescribe drugs, his approach to pain is by using spinal manipulation, physio therapy, rehabilitation and nutrition.
2 Acupunctures- use niddles which is then inserted in different locations in the body according to a meridian path
3 Medical Doctors- several Doctors are known to be in the field of treating chronic pain, the most common are: a Physiatrist and a Physician with a pain management specialty . Medical Doctors offer medication, injections, radio therapy and if needed surgery. A chiropractor gives conservative care while a medical Doctor Prescribes medication ; the medication is used to produce an analgesic effect which then allow the Chiropractor to "break the pain cycle” and to continue with Conservative care. in some cases farther referral is needed. in this case the Chiropractor which administrated conservative care would refer to a pain management specialist for consultation From my one experience a combination of Physician would yield the best result. you should first start with a Chiropractor which will start you on a conservative treatment .  

What can I do to cope with chronic pain?
You are not alone in this battle you will have your Doctor, friends and most important your family helping you along the way. you can start today by following 4 easy steps:In order to control and eventually over come chronic pain, one should take an active role in his recovery.  

1 Exercise, No I’m not talking about running 5 Miles a day or live in the gym.  start with basic cardio exercise such as: walking 2-3 times a week, you can walk by yourself or with a friend; take your time enjoy the walk. Or you can use a treadmill 2-3 times a week . you can always try to ride a bike (stationery or regular). and if you can swim (exercise in water has two great advantages: there is less stress on the body 

2 avoid bad hobbits follow the basic rule: "avoid anything that taste or smell funny”  ( smoking and alcohol drinking) eat a balanced meal, eat fruit and vegetables and drink a lot of water.2 Healthier lifestyle,

3 Relaxation, try to do things you like, not for the family but for your self. read a book, see a movie, walk outside, go to a museum, paint, yoga, get a pet, etc’. Do those things once a day

4 Socialize, be with your friends, family people you like and don’t be afraid to ask them for help. Think positive and appreciate what you have in life.

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