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Radicular Pain


Radicular Pain

Types and Treatment Options for RADICULAR PAIN

Radicular pain is pain that comes from the spinal nerve root and pulsates or radiates through the body, originating usually from the lower back. People who suffer from this type of sensation are usually but not always victim to inflammation in the spinal nerves, herniation of discs along the spine, or stenosis of the spine. Symptoms can include tingling in the extremities, inability to properly use the muscles in your back area, or loss of the reflexes or strength in the spinal area.

Radicular pain is often a symptom of something more serious, so it is a smart idea to have any type of pain checked out by a doctor as soon as possible after symptoms start to show themselves. Dr. Amidror of Spinousoffers chiropractic and spinal decompression therapy, including treatments for anradicular pain. Conveniently located in New Rochelle, Spinous serves clients in Westchester County, Fairfield and the Bronx.

The most sudden and common type of pain that falls into this category is sciatica. Many people get this from bending, twisting, standing, or carrying a child. Sciatica is a radiating sensation of pain from a central area at the base of the spine that sends sometimes shocking pain down the legs, thighs, and at times even into the knees and feet, rendering patients suddenly almost unable to stand at times. Sciatica is also referred to as radiculopathy. This type of pain can be treated by a chiropractor and is almost always treated non-surgically.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Radicular Pain

Non-surgical treatments for radicular pain can include exercise, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, or non-surgical spinal decompression. Cervical radiculopathy involves the lower spinal area, and is very different type of pain than the pain felt with the upper spinal pain involved with lumbar radiculopathy. Only a good chiropractor can advise someone as to which route to take. Neck pain and arm pain are very common with this type of condition since there are nerves along the entire length of the spine that provide your entire body with the ability to feel things.

Spinal pain is never fun to have to deal with, but the right chiropractor can find the best way to alleviate your pain. Radicular pain is a particularly bothersome type of spinal ailment, but with proper care, it can be treated and in some cases gotten rid of. Taking care of your spine is very important to keep you in good health for the rest of your life. Your chiropractor will advise you on the best way to get yourself back up on your feet and enjoying life again. Remember, being pain free is just one phone call a way.

Needless to say, radicular symptoms should never be ignored. Dr. Amidror of Spinous offers chiropractic and spinal decompression therapy, including treatments for a radicular symptomsSpinal decompression therapy is considered one of the best treatments. Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical traction based treatment outcome for herniated or bulging discs in the neck and lower back. Anyone who has back, neck, arm or leg pain may be helped by spinal decompression therapy.
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